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Family-Owned Business

"We started Mandala with the intention of creating a sustainable income for our growing family"  

(four girls in the space of 2.5 years!). 

Nomades at heart, this Moroccan - Icelandic family fusion is made up othman, from Beni Mellal who is a trained chef working in Barcelona for 8 years, Birta from Iceland who has a background in Film and music and their 4 energetic girls. 



Since opening our little Essaouira restaurant in March 2019 and than Mandala Marrakech in March 2020 we have served countless coffees, teas, brunch dishes and cakes to locals and visitors from abroad. 

 Our food is created with the local ecology in mind - you will see the freshest produce that is seasonal and organic where possible, no meats, limited sugar and no plastics. 

Why Mandala ?

Mandala signifies the oneness and above all the balance. From the tiniest particles to the end of the ever expanding universe. The origin of the word is from Hinduism but the concept is cross cultural. In every religion or culture you will find the same art form with similar meaning but different names. .
We believe our role in this life is first and foremost to keep the balance. Balance on a personal and collective level. Our spirit and the nature around us. The world we live in today is often a hard place to find and keep this balance but we strive to keep it and share it when possible.
Mandala Society aims to give services that have as little environmental effects as possible, treat our staff fairly, give back to the local community and give the feeling of peace when you sit with us. 

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