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Brunch / Lunch / Dinner / Speciality Grade Coffee / Cakes

We let the quality of our ingredients speak for themselves.

With specialty grade coffee, sustainable healthy choices, and locally sourced produce, there is always something fresh

and seasonal on the menu.

Sustainable Choices
Care In Every Detail 

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One heart 
Two locations

Mandala Society Essaouria was our first baby restaurant which opened in March 2019. A year later the Marrakech sister restaurant opened. Only 5 days before the first lockdown!

Now we are happily up and running in both locations and serving pleased costumers delicious meals in a cozy and friendly environment. 

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The Mandala Saga

We care about the little things. From our commitment to honest business, supporting our staff with a fair wage, sourcing organic where possible, and operating a plastic free and fair trade business at all times.

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